Michael Melisi

Michael Melisi


As the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox, the Red Sox Foundation is committed to using the passion fans have for this team to strengthen programs for at-risk children in our community. Proceeds from our events will benefit our Red Sox Scholars and RBI Youth Baseball & Softball cornerstone programs:

The Red Sox Scholars presented by BIDMC is a college scholarship and enrichment program managed by the Red Sox Foundation. With the selection of the newest class in May of 2016, the Red Sox Foundation has opened the doors of opportunity to 262 academically talented, economically disadvantaged students from the Boston Public School District. Selected to the program in middle school, the Red Sox Foundation awards each Scholar a $10,000 college scholarship, redeemable upon enrollment in an accredited college or university and successful completion of the program. In addition to the scholarship funds, becoming a Red Sox Scholar offers students the unique opportunity to participate in a variety of service projects, enrichment activities, and career exploration field trips throughout middle and high school.

The goal of Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) is to increase participation in baseball and softball, encourage school attendance and achievement, develop self-esteem and life skills, instill values of teamwork, tolerance, and respect for others and teach safe and healthy choices to at-risk youth. Organized by the Red Sox Foundation, the RBI program serves 700 inner-city boys and girls, aged 9-18, from Brighton, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Mission Hill, the North and South Ends, Roslindale, Roxbury, South Boston, and West Roxbury. In addition to the sport itself, the Red Sox Foundation program underscores the importance of good decision-making. We seek to ensure that every boy or girl participating in the program will have a stronger sense of themselves and their future potential.

Donor Roll

Aramark S. $7,000.00
Richard G. $200.00 Sherry Cask
Gregory S. $50.00 Stay Alive ~ Stew and Cally
Caitlin K. $100.00
michael m. $200.00 List as "Anne Marie and Michael"
RORY B. $200.00 Run Hard Run Fast Mike. You are an inspiration to all Aramark associates. I have great appreciation for what you have done to contribute towards the Red Sox Foundation. You represent the pinnacle of the partnership between us as ARAMARK associates and the bridge between our business partners. ROCK ON MELISI.
Ron L. $100.00 Go get em’
Michael G. $25.00
Patrick T. $200.00 SJP
Richard W. $500.00 Donation is from your friends at Savenor's
Eileen N. $100.00
Leigh T. $50.00
Laurie S. $100.00 Run Forest Run!
Julianne D. $75.00 So inspiring - ESP to those of us who couldn't even walk 26 miles, let alone run 26 miles !!!! Send pix!!
Chris L. $50.00
Jeanette R. $50.00 This is awesome, good luck! Jeanette
Amanda H. $26.20 See you at mile marker 25!
Peter M. $25.00 Good Luck Mike...
Jeffrey L. $26.20 Good luck Michael!
Peter S. $40.00 Good luck Mike!
Arielle E. $25.00 Good Luck Mike!!
Shana M. $100.00 Woo! 6 Years! You GOT thisssss. XO Shana & Matt
Ray G. $50.00
Karoline L. $500.00
Corinne & Robert L. $200.00 Happy to support you and this great foundation
Richard G. $100.00 Good Luck Mike! The Gnieski Family
Daniel S. $25.00 Cheers from Japan!
Glenn L. $100.00
MARK W. $250.00 From your friends at FitVine Wine. Good luck!
david f. $25.00
Lauren P. $100.00 Congratulations on 6 years! Good luck!
Carlos D. $100.00
Timothy Z. $50.00
Eva P. $50.00 Good luck!
Casey R. $50.00
Stephanie G. $25.00 Good luck!
Richard S. $50.00
Maureen T. $25.00 Good luck, Maureen
Doug D. $250.00 Good Luck Mike !!
William B. $250.00
Jack W. $100.00
Mitchell B. $50.00 Good Luck Mike!
Lindsay J. $100.00
Andrew C. $100.00 From your friends at Partners by Design. Have a great race!
elliot F. $25.00 Great cause,great person. Good running,.
Meghan Q. $50.00 Mike, Congrats on another go-around, sad I won't be able to see this year's run! Good luck with everything and hope you have a great April!
Patrick W. $150.00 Thank you for running and bringing awareness to such a great cause! All the best for your training and marathon's day! The Provence Wine Imports family
Christopher G. $50.00
Marguerite H. $10.00 Good Luck Michael
Sean C. $100.00
Melissa C. $50.00 Good luck Mike!
Jessica P. $200.00 Good luck from your friends at MillerCoors!
Alison B. $100.00
Anonymous $69.00
teresa r. $25.00 Good luck, Teresa
Greg P. $50.00 Love u
Johnathan T. $25.00
David and Julia B. $50.00
Emily S. $50.00 Congrats on year 6! Good luck!
Matt O. $69.00
Kurt Z. $25.00 Best of luck, Mike!
William D. $50.00 Go get em'!
James B. $50.00
james g. $50.00 Great job Mike! I don't know how you can run 26 miles! Crazy!
Kathryn P. $50.00
Erika O. $50.00
Brian C. $30.00
Knoefel L. $50.00 Mike - Can't make the fundraiser on Saturday but happy to support a great cause. Good luck and remember to start slow!
Sean C. $75.00 Good Luck - Colman
Richard J V. $100.00
Mackenzie G. $50.00 Good luck Mike!
Kelli C. $50.00 Good Luck you crazy man!! 6 Marathons- amazing!
Carrie C. $50.00
Mikayla R. $50.00 Good luck!
Amanda M. $250.00 Go Tubs!
Daniel K. $100.00
Brian H. $50.00 Have fun Mike!
Anonymous $1,000.00
MICHAEL M. $3,255.00 3/25 Fundraiser.
MICHAEL M. $150.00 Robert and Shawn Berry
MICHAEL M. $100.00 Jake Gaffey
Allison D. $50.00
Mark C. $50.00
Stephen A. $50.00
Kevin H. $200.00 Best Of Luck Mike!
Gregory S. $225.00
Ellen Q. $100.00
Sean K. $75.00
Jacqueline M. $105.00
James M. $150.00
Aramark Sports E. $5,800.00 3/25 Fundraiser at Fenway
Kristi B. $100.00 Good luck, Mike! The Coca-Cola Team at Fenway Park is supporting you every step of the way.
Michael P. $100.00 See you in Hopkington.
amy s. $100.00
Al M. $10.00 Michael - great job, proud of you - Biga Papa
Al M. $90.00 ditto
Heyra B. $150.00 Good Luck Mike!
Wayne F. $54.00 54 is a multiple of 18... In the jewish religion the letters that make up 18 also spell out "life" so I felt it would be incredibly appropriate given the cause!! have an amazing race! Julie and Wayne and family
Yolanda Q. $150.00 Thank you Mike for participating in such a worthy event!
Marcell B. $50.00
Marcell B. $50.00
Victoria C. $50.00
Michael M. $20.00 Matt Perachi
simon p. $25.00
alan r. $50.00
Fred O. $25.00 Good luck, Mike!
Samantha G. $50.00 Good Luck Mike!
Steven P. $100.00 Go get em road warrior
Hub Security S. $250.00
Anonymous $250.00 Donated by Carl Mittleman and the Aramark S&E Team
Maureen C. $20.00
Jason A. $100.00
Brianna L. $100.00 Go get em! - BH
Andrew W. $150.00 You got this, big dog! - A+N
Stephen C. $100.00
Christopher M. $420.00
Philip P. $100.00 Good luck pal!
Kate C. $500.00 Good Luck Mike! From Your Fans at Boston Beer
Meaghan L. $25.00 Good luck on Monday Mike!! xo
MICHAEL M. $50.00 Lauren Marshalsea.
stephen s. $100.00
michael m. $100.00 Rich Armstrong.
Brian S. $500.00 Good luck Buddy!
Francesca P. $50.00 Let’s go!!!
Donna G. $25.00
Joseph P. $50.00 Donated on behalf of my mother for her birthday yesterday. Good luck tomorrow Mike!
David B. $200.00
Billy K. $25.00
Bailey C. $50.00
Matthew L. $100.00 Good luck tomorrow! Really impressive fundraising! We’ll be across from on Braeburn at mile 18 cheering you all on!
Timothy P. $25.00
Jonathan D. $100.00
Katherine J. $25.00
Stephanie M. $30.00
Lindsey H. $25.00
Robert M. $250.00 Good Luck !!
Rory K. $10.00 Go get em mike. 100k in 6 years - incredible. Stay hydrated. -Rory & Molly
Rory K. $90.00 +the rest of it
Philip P. $100.00 Good luck!
cody w. $100.00 Good Luck Mike! from your friends at Igloo's Frozen Drinks
ronald b. $10.00
Michael H. $50.00 Go get em Bro!
Derek H. $100.00 All roads lead to the finish line! We’re proud of you. Derek & Mary
Sean M. $30.00
Anonymous $20.00
Corinne L. $100.00 Almost there.
jeffrey k. $50.00
Peter D. $500.00
Eoin K. $50.00 Good Luck bud!
RONALD S. $300.00
Abbey T. $100.00
Matthew W. $100.00 Try not to get hypothermia please!
Gary T. $50.00 Good Luck Mike
Anonymous $50.00
Peter N. $200.00 Make it happen, Mike!
Kevin B. $75.00 Michael, Good Luck! Slainte
Christopher L. $50.00 Best of luck!
Craig M. $26.00 All the best, have a good run
Amy W. $50.00
Jerry O. $26.20 Good luck, Mike!
Amanda E. $30.00 Good luck, Mike!
Mara E. $50.00
Jacqueline M. $50.00 Good Luck! I’ll be tracking you donks! Xo Jacks
Brent H. $100.00
Christian R. $100.00
Janine A. $25.00 Sorry i’m late!! Good luck !
John B. $200.00 Mike Congratulations on doing a great job in raising the money for the Foundation and even a better job in finishing the marathon in such miserable conditions
Michael B. $50.00
Allyce N. $26.20 Mike - Congratulations - that was an incredible day to run and YOU DID IT! Wow! Not only did you do it but you did it for the Red Sox kids! You are making a BIG difference. Allyce and Foundation To Be Named Later Team

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