Courtney Swift

Courtney Swift

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for stopping by my fundraising page for the 2018 Boston Marathon! I am honored to be running my first Boston Marathon (and first marathon in general) this year for the Red Sox Foundation, and I am so excited to start this journey in supporting this incredible cause.

The Red Sox Foundation marathon team runs to support a few different initiatives including the Red Sox Scholars and RBI Youth Baseball & Softball cornerstone programs. As some of you may know, softball was a huge part of my life growing up, and I am lucky to help raise money so that other young people throughout Massachusetts can experience that same comradere and family that comes from such sports.

Please help me in making a donation to an organization that has not only meant so much to me and my life but to so many from throughout Red Sox nation!


As the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox, the Red Sox Foundation is committed to using the passion fans have for this team to strengthen programs for at-risk children in our community. Proceeds from our events will benefit our Red Sox Scholars and RBI Youth Baseball & Softball cornerstone programs:

The Red Sox Scholars presented by BIDMC is a college scholarship and enrichment program managed by the Red Sox Foundation. With the selection of the newest class in May of 2016, the Red Sox Foundation has opened the doors of opportunity to 262 academically talented, economically disadvantaged students from the Boston Public School District. Selected to the program in middle school, the Red Sox Foundation awards each Scholar a $10,000 college scholarship, redeemable upon enrollment in an accredited college or university and successful completion of the program. In addition to the scholarship funds, becoming a Red Sox Scholar offers students the unique opportunity to participate in a variety of service projects, enrichment activities, and career exploration field trips throughout middle and high school.

The goal of Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) is to increase participation in baseball and softball, encourage school attendance and achievement, develop self-esteem and life skills, instill values of teamwork, tolerance, and respect for others and teach safe and healthy choices to at-risk youth. Organized by the Red Sox Foundation, the RBI program serves 700 inner-city boys and girls, aged 9-18, from Brighton, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Mission Hill, the North and South Ends, Roslindale, Roxbury, South Boston, and West Roxbury. In addition to the sport itself, the Red Sox Foundation program underscores the importance of good decision-making. We seek to ensure that every boy or girl participating in the program will have a stronger sense of themselves and their future potential.

Donor Roll

Tyler T. $10.00 Good Luck Courtney!! See you on Marathon Monday!!
Danielle M. $25.00 Proud of you!
Jennifer G. $10.00 Go Courtney! I know you and you're huge heart are going to crush this. Good luck xo
Nathan T. $10.00
McGreevy's B. $217.00 McGreevy's Guest Bartending Tips!
Matt O. $10.00 Good Luck Courtney!
Leslie S. $100.00 Proud of you my awesome daughter!
Samantha R. $50.00 So proud of your Court!
Steve C. $75.00 see you out there!
Emma C. $20.00 So proud of you!
Joseph T. $20.00
Rhonda P. $50.00 Best of luck Courtney!! With much love from the Christie family!!
Beth B. $50.00 Love you and so proud of you!!
Nathan T. $50.00 Good luck Courtney!!
Erikka S. $50.00 Good luck Court!!!
Geoffrey W. $50.00 Good luck!!
Lee Ann K. $50.00 So PROUD of you Courtney!!! ??????
Nicole M. $50.00
Gayle W. $50.00 So excited for you Courtney!! Paul & Gayle :)
Audrey O. $50.00 You are my hero! So proud to be your friend. I love you! Can't wait to celebrate this amazing accomplishment with you!
Kara S. $50.00 Kick butt lady!!
Haylee C. $50.00
Lorne L. $40.00
Jen G. $25.00
Stephanie H. $25.00 Good Luck Courtney! All the best! Love, The Hotin Family
Melissa C. $80.00
Courtney S. $1,100.00 Super Bowl Square Fundraiser!
Frank B. $50.00
Nicole M. $100.00 Best of luck! So proud of you! Love you!
Emily W. $15.00 Go Courtney!!
Kristen K. $50.00
Keene NH M. $1,616.00 Keene NH Marathon Fundraising Event :)
RSF Fundraiser . $77.00
Madeline J. $10.00 Best of luck, courtney!!! ***You’re a star***
Kevin L. $15.00 If you don't win I expect a full refund. Good luck!
Dominic C. $25.00 Go get 'em Courtney !!
Matt W. $50.00 Good luck Courtney!
Christopher H. $20.00 Run Fast :)
Zachary W. $20.00
More From Keene E. $85.00
Tom C. $25.00
Molly W. $26.20
Courtney S. $10.00 Go Court!
David S. $50.00 Me & Tam are rooting for ya!
Patrick P. $20.00 Good luck from the Payers!
Boston F. $805.40
Kristen G. $25.00
Stephanie H. $40.00 Good Luck Courtney!!
Carl A. $50.00 In Memory of Kenneth R. Swift
Michael W. $50.00 Crush it Swifty!!!
Chelsea S. $25.00
Anonymous $10.00 Good Luck!!
Gayle W. $25.00
Danielle G. $20.00 Good luck Courtney! Happy to support you and such an awesome cause - good luck, I’ll be rooting for you!
Dannah S. $25.00 So proud of you! Love you so much!
Michael D. $25.00
Michael G. $50.00 Go Courtney!
Stephanie B. $30.00 You GOT this Courtney !
Robert K. $100.00
Mariam A. $50.00
Jaclyn C. $20.00 Good luck, Courtney!
Beth B. $50.00 You are SUCH a star! Can’t wait to cry watching you next week!
Cathy L. $50.00
Mary M. $25.00 Go Swifty go!!!!!
Nathalie R. $100.00 So proud of you lady!!
Scott M. $25.00
Courtney M. $25.00 Best of luck Court - so proud of you!
Michael G. $100.00 GO COURTNEY GO!!!
Corey P. $50.00 Incredible commitment Courtney and another amazing adventure & challenge awaits. Best of success - and don't forget to pack your tequila and waterproof socks..... :o)
Erikka S. $100.00 Good luck Court!! I'm so proud of you. See you there!
Amory S. $50.00
Kim C. $50.00 Best wishes Courtney!!! So happy to be watching and supporting you this year!!!
N C. $50.00 Kick some butt Swifty! Good luck!
Steve D. $20.00 Run Swiftly!!! Go Sox!!!!!
Tyler S. $20.00 Don't* break a leg
Sarah C. $25.00 You got this!
Madeline J. $10.00
Lanna T. $10.00
Paul T. $30.00 Go Courtney!!! I'm so impressed.
John A. $26.20 Go crush it Courtney!!
Dulcie G. $40.00 Proud of you Courtney!
Alanna R. $50.00 GO COURT GO!!
Sarah C. $25.00 Good luck Courtney!
Noel R. $50.00 Good luck ??
Benjamin F. $25.00 Congrats, Swifty! Hope you're killing it this morning!
Stephanie E. $15.00
Louise S. $100.00
Holly L. $20.00 Way to go Courtney!
Anonymous $25.00 Well done Courtney, way to go!
Gregg S. $200.00

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