jim miller

jim miller


Get this Family, Friends and SportsFans at large

YOLO you know.  And here’s a story to that intention.

JUST become the 50th and last person to sign up to run a marathon at Fenway Park, Boston on 9/15/17!

Whoever would have thought my first run in memory of my Dad, in Boston, on 4.15.2000, would lead to this point of running my 130th marathon at this vintage, venerable institution of Boston and baseball? and be a part of the first time ever that a marathon has been run on such sacred ground?

Having lost 3 friends in just the past 3 weeks, this YOLO theme is alive with me; so, through a flurry of calls and emails, on Thursday 6/8 I just became the final runner of only 50 people who will run the race.

Yes, it’s a FundRaiser, in support of the Red Sox Foundation, whose manifest goal is to be a force for positive change for the Boston Community and yes, Red Sox Nation and covers Police, Scholars, the Jimmy Fund, Military, Community Center and MA Little League. Go to RedSoxFoundation.org for more info.

ALLLL of you here have been unwavering and overwhelming in your support of my marathon memories, whether fund raising or not, and so I make you aware of this special run,  so you can enjoy this YOLO journey with me and IF you are willing and able to assist with a donation of any amount, know fully it will be accepted with heartfelt appreciation.  I need to hit the following timelines - $1,500 by 6/30 - $3K by 7/31 and $5k by 9/11, now isn’t that an interesting deadline date?

Option 1:  go to http://redsoxfoundation.racepartner.com/FenwayParkMarathon/jimmiller

Option 2:  make a check out to The Red Sox Foundation/Fenway Park Foundation and put my name as Runner – Jim Miller in the notes section and mail to Mick Blume, Red Sox Foundation, 4 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA 02215

Thanx for your love and Friendship and support. Get ready, it’s going to be a great story, and get this, as of this writing, of the only 50 runners allowed, I appear to be the second oldest person running…oh great, my chance to be second or last in my 130th run!

With mannnny thanx,


About Red Sox Foundation

The Red Sox Foundation, the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox. Our goal is to harness the passion our fans have for the Red Sox and transform it into a vehicle for positive exchange in our community.

Each year the Red Sox Foundation also makes a limited number of small grants to select nonprofits in New England on a rotating basis and we also work with Front Office members, sponsors and volunteers of Red Sox Nation on a variety of community service projects.

As a 501c3 nonprofit (tax ID #33-1007984), donations to the Red Sox Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donor Roll

Anonymous $100.00
Michael W. $50.00
Lloyd S. $100.00
John M. $50.00
Maureen S. $50.00
jetse p. $50.00
William C. $50.00
Janet Anne G. $25.00
Peter S. $100.00 Way to go Jim...you are truly the 'marathon' man from PHS 70!
Anonymous $30.00
Terence F. $500.00 Run like the wind...you are the Best!
Charles M. $100.00 Never a doubt!
Karen G. $100.00
Jim M. $200.00
David R T. $100.00 Tear up the base paths.....and more, Mills!
Sandra Z. $100.00
Scot B. $50.00
Charles B. $100.00
Joe O. $100.00 From you friends at Mill Falls at the Lake!
Glenn G. $500.00 Best of luck to a great friend. Proud of what you do. Honored to be your friend.
Patrick B. $100.00 Happy to help.
Craig M. $100.00 Seize the day!
Michael Y. $50.00
Alice B. $50.00
James F. $100.00
Linda S. $50.00 What an awesome opportunity to run!!
David and Fran M. $50.00
John P. $150.00
Amy D. $50.00 Go Jim Go!
Gale W. $75.00
Susan K. $50.00 Do lap #8 for YAZ and finish STRONG!!
Kelsey M. $25.00 Good luck Dad!
Sheila Q. $65.00 In honor of your 65 years young!! A great story again! Run like the wind!
Gesele S. $100.00 Good luck with #130! Best, George and Gesele
Duane H. $50.00 I just can't cheer for the Red Sox, (go KC Royals), but for their foundation, and for you, Mills, I will contribute and cheer. Remember, you don't have to slide into home. Have fun!
Anita G. $30.00
Anonymous $125.00 Good Luck Jim! To run at Fenway will be an experience I know you won't forget!
Rusha S. $100.00 We're with you, Jim!
Michael S. $10.00 you are setting a good example for my father
Jamie S. $10.00
Bert S. $50.00
Stephen T. $50.00
Jim M. $100.00 This from my dear friend, colleague and rugby enthusiast - Craig Satterthwaite all the way from Grenada...can't wait to see you in the gym again soon my friend and to hoisting a few Pitons!!
scott r. $100.00
dave b. $150.00
Laura K. $10.00
Rachel G. $50.00 Honored to be your teammate! Lets do this!
Ed C. $50.00
Hans v. $50.00
Erica M. $10.00
Dino M. $75.00 Way to go Jim! Dino Marnell & Marnell Financial
David K. $50.00 Go Mills! Hope you do not get dizzy.
Jackie G. $50.00
Lori M. $50.00 Go Jim!
Helen Ann P. $50.00
Marcia L. $50.00
Alda E. $30.00
Amy D. $50.00
Karen G. $50.00 Partner...make me proud!
Harry L. $250.00 Way to go brother....Very proud of you. Your little bro, Harry
Lloyd S. $80.00 Try not to be the last guy in your age group.....
Mark S. $100.00 Along with Red Sox Nation, we are very proud of you. We love you. The Schloskys.
Marilyn C. $50.00

Fundraiser Goal

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