Susan Hurley

Susan Hurley

Dear friends,?

Being in the business of philanthropy and running, I was looking for the right challenge to inspire, enliven?and test my?limits as a runner and as a person, while having fun and hopefully, get?my friends and family excited too.

Having lost my wonderful father?Jim Hurley, several years ago, who was?the biggest Red Sox fan in the world,?I decided to take on the Fenway Park Marathon?challenge on September 15, 2017?to honor him and my mother, Sylvia Hurley, who is blind.

They?will be my inspiration for this race, especially my mother,?as what she goes through on a daily basis is so much more difficult than running 114?laps in a circle?for 26.2 miles.?

With this challenge comes the financial obligation to meet a fundraising goal of $5,000 for the Red Sox Foundation. The Red Sox Foundation is a 5013c charitable foundation, so all donation are tax deductible. Two?of my favorite Red Sox Foundation initiatives which this challenge will benefit?are:

KIDS!?The Red Sox Scholars Program which?is a college scholarship and enrichment program. In 2017, the Red Sox Foundation has opened the doors of opportunity to 274 academically talented, economically disadvantaged students from the Boston Public School District. Selected to the program in middle school, the Red Sox Foundation awards each Scholar a $10,000 college scholarship. It follows the success of the student beginning in middle school through high school offering encouragement and support throughout.

VETERANS! The Home Base Program treats soldiers returning from combat in Afghanistan and Iraq with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress? the invisible wounds of war. Founded in 2009, the program has directly served more than 9,000 veterans and family members. Its clinical and community education programs have reached more than 25,000 clinicians and more than 1,800 school and community leaders.

?I have run almost all?of my life, starting in second?grade after missing the bus almost daily. I have run many races and logged many miles. I foresee this challenge to be one of my most difficult to tackle; however;?with the inspiration of my mother, my father and the support of?Barry, Ryan and?Max, ?and my wonderful?friends and colleagues, I'm confident?I will achieve it.

HOW CAN YOU HELP???SPONSOR A?LAP ( 116 laps available) Sponsor a lap and you get a K sign. The K signs you can either bring to Fenway on race evening to "throw up" a K. Or you can keep it for your own self.

I hope you will consider a donation of sponsoring?a one?lap or two?for $50 per lap in support of kids who are in need of our encouragement?in our community and our very special veterans who have served for our safety. Remember there are 116 laps.?

Each lap sponsor will recieve, their own official " K"??LAP CARD and the opportunity to attend the race, put up their lap card?and cheer the runners?on. Remember it's a Friday night!?

Thank you for your friendship and love,



About Red Sox Foundation

The Red Sox Foundation, the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox. Our goal is to harness the passion our fans have for the Red Sox and transform it into a vehicle for positive exchange in our community.

Each year the Red Sox Foundation also makes a limited number of small grants to select nonprofits in New England on a rotating basis and we also work with Front Office members, sponsors and volunteers of Red Sox Nation on a variety of community service projects.

As a 501c3 nonprofit (tax ID #33-1007984), donations to the Red Sox Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donor Roll

Susan H. $200.00
Jeffrey M. $100.00 Best of luck Susan! Don't get dizzy!
Will D. $50.00 Good luck, Susan!
Tony C. $50.00 Go Susan!!!
Peter R. $200.00 Run K's!!
Sandy C. $50.00
Seana R. $100.00 You're my running "she"ro!!! You're going to rock this!!!!
Max M. $50.00 Si se puede!
Milagros S. $500.00 Great job Susan!!! You go girl!!!
George M. $100.00 “Your life is your message to the world. Make it inspiring.” – Unknown
Julia W. $300.00 6 Names Julia Walters-Burns Tom Burns Alexandra Burns Jordan Burns Brady Burns (woof) Rexx Burns (woof)
Matt P. $50.00 Good Luck Susan!! You'll do an AMAZING job!
Danny D. $50.00 Have a great run, Susan!
Meagan M. $50.00 Go Susan!! Thank you for changing my life and inspiring me to run, help others, and finish the race. xoxo
Jacqueline P K. $50.00
Emily G. $25.00 "Nevertheless, she persisted" :)
Alan S. $100.00 Swinging or looking, hang those "K's" Susan!
Danielle R. $50.00 Go Susan!!! Rack up those Ks!!!
Meg P. $100.00 Go Susan! Kick some ass! #OldBroadsRule
Rebecca B. $100.00 The Browns LOVE Auntie Susan! We'll be cheering for you all the way to the finish line!
Zafiris K. $100.00
Lauren D. $50.00
Patrick M. $116.00 Don't get dizzy. $1/lap!! #RunWithYourHeart
Mark Z. $50.00 Go Susan!
Kevin K. $50.00 For all the crazy races and fun memories we've had together. Thank you for being a great friend! Go Indians! - Kevin Cleveland
Kim C. $50.00 Love you Susan! xo
ANDREW D. $50.00 Congrats Susan! Have a great race! Hope to be there to watch. Andrew
Mary B. $50.00
Linda D. $50.00 Dream Big Susan!
Tom M. $50.00 GO SUSAN!!!!!!!
Anthony S. $50.00 Good Luck Auntie Susan!! Love, Baby Olivia
David F. $50.00 You go girl. Wish I was there with you.
Brandon H. $262.00 Greatest Patriots Cheerleader/runner of all time!! Ms. GOAT
Joanne S. $50.00 Susan, you are The Best!!!
Lisa B. $100.00 Susan, We so respect the way you lead by example. Thank you for being you! Love and Peace, Lisa
Amy C. $50.00 You got this Susan! Much love from the Conner/Chessler family (Amy, Marc, Ollie, Tristan, Biz and Nico)
Anonymous $25.00 Good Luck Susan, you're the best!!
Brooke B. $50.00 Go Susan Go!!
Scott L. $100.00 Good luck Susan!! You will kill it.
joanne w. $50.00
carol c. $50.00 Go gettem Susan I know you'll do great!
Anonymous $50.00 Good luck from Anthony TeamMR8
Kathleen M. $50.00 Thank you for your guidance and support! You will rock this!
Tracy C. $50.00
Wayne R. $100.00 We know you can do this! Best of luck and have fun. Wayne and Dana
Bill D. $50.00 Good luck Susan! Have fun! Don't forget to slide at the finish line.
Benjamin Z. $100.00 Proud of you Susan! Run On!
James S. $100.00 Go Susan!
Kristin B. $50.00
Rich S. $100.00
Carmen B. $50.00 Way to go Susan! Your going to crush it!
David R. $26.20 Good luck Susan!!!
Morgan G. $15.00 Go Susan!!!
Mark Z. $50.00 Go Susan!
Eileen H. $50.00 Good Luck Susan!!! Thank you for all your support.
Donald M. $100.00 I'm buying a "K" for my mom - Donna Murphy - who is currently battling lung cancer. Good luck Susan - don't get too bored running laps!!!!
Kaitlin P. $50.00
Cecilia U. $50.00 Than(K) you for all that you do for others!
Larry R. $250.00 Good luck Susan! Go Houston!
Anthony S. $20.00 TeamMR8 Love ??????
Gary N. $50.00 Good luck, Susan!
Carolyn and Jenny M. $100.00
Kelly B. $26.20 You are a rockstar SH!!
maire c. $50.00 you're such an amazing person!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!
Michael L. $20.00
Nicole O. $25.00 Susan! You're crazy and that's why we love you! Good luck!!!!!
Karen M. $50.00 Susan, Thank you for helping make an old lady's dream come true this past April. My journey with Charity Teams was one I will always cherish and I look forward to supporting your runners for a long time to come. Good luck Friday. I have no doubt that you will succeed in this adventure surrounded by so many who love you! ~karen mcgill xo
Shannon O. $50.00 Go Susan!!!
Janet S. $50.00 May your Fenway moment be as good as J.D. Drew's in 2007. xo!
Julianne C. $50.00 Have a great run!
Sarah W. $26.20 Peace and Love.
Megan M. $50.00
Benjamin Z. $100.00
James S. $50.00 Thanks for all of your support for Greg S
Jackie B. $25.00 Have a great run!!!
Mandy J. $25.00 Good luck and have fun!
Edward K. $262.00 All the best tonight. What an adventure. Thanks for making Dreams come true!!!!!!!
Breda O. $50.00 You're a rockstar! Enjoy your Fenway Moment!
Nathan B. $10.00 This is truly an Historic event. I am proud to know you, Susan. Go get 'em!!!??
Daisy M. $26.20
Andrea G. $20.00 GO SUSAN!
ann N. $1,160.00 WOW! You are a superstar!
Brooke K. $25.00 Go susan!!! What an incredible job! You truly inspire motivate and make people strive to be the best version of themselves! I'm so happy our paths crossed and I learned from one of the best!!!!
Adam G. $200.00 Way to go Susan!! Awesome accomplishment!

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