Michael Gasbarro

Michael Gasbarro

Yes, this page is correct. No, you are not seeing things. Although you may be in disbelief, I, Mike Gasbarro, am fortunate enough to be participating in the inauguaral Fenway Park Marathon! As most of you probably know, I have never been one for running. Saying things along the line of, “I hate running” or “I will never run a marathon” or “there’s not enough money in the world to make me run that 5k”. Whelp, here we are people. 

As an avid Red Sox fan, the chance to be one of the first people in the world to run a marathon within a stadium that has housed some of sports all time greats, like Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, and El Guapo, was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.  It will take roughly 112 laps for me to complete this task, which in itself, is just ridiculous to think about. But again, here we are people. 
In addition to running in circles for 3-5 hours, give or take 5 hours, I will be raising money in support of the Red Sox foundation, which goes above and beyond in the fight for adult and pediatric cancer care for patients around the world. It is an incredible organization that I consider myself lucky enough to represent. 

I am looking to raise a total of $5000. It is a goal that I believe to be tangible and to be honest, a goal I am hoping to blow out of the water, with the help from all of you. I will be running in honor of Justine and Charles Mallahan, Domenica Gasbarro, and Ann Coveney, all of whom tragically lost their lives to cancer. 

Over the next 3-4 months, I will be training for the run along the Charles River. If you see a man balling his eyes out while running, more than likely, it will be yours truly. I appreciate any and all support!


About Red Sox Foundation

The Red Sox Foundation, the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox. Our goal is to harness the passion our fans have for the Red Sox and transform it into a vehicle for positive exchange in our community.

Each year the Red Sox Foundation also makes a limited number of small grants to select nonprofits in New England on a rotating basis and we also work with Front Office members, sponsors and volunteers of Red Sox Nation on a variety of community service projects.

As a 501c3 nonprofit (tax ID #33-1007984), donations to the Red Sox Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donor Roll

Lia A. $30.00
Michael G. $200.00
Pearl S. $50.00
Gabriel S. $69.00 I donated $69. Get it?
Christopher B. $10.00
Will L. $26.20 I've got big money on Wardian lapping you at least 50 times. Prove me wrong.... I dare you.
Ed W. $100.00
Results Event Management L. $50.00 All the best Mike with your Training and the Run, I hope to work the Event to cheer you on.
Robert P. $112.00 I'll see you there and will bring my list of 112 words of inspiration
Aaron N. $50.00
Emily W. $50.00
Danielle G. $100.00
David W. $100.00 Good Luck Mike
joshua n. $100.00 Michael...you'll do great...enjoy the experience....Josh and Rhea
Thomas T. $20.00
Darleen G. $20.00 Good Luck Mike!
Anonymous $100.00
Michael G. $100.00
tom o. $100.00 Good luck Mike... Tom and Annmarie
Mike B. $100.00 Go out fast, get over to the right, don't trip!
Devon G. $200.00 you better finish
Suzanne N. $50.00
kristen L. $75.00
Joe B. $50.00 Don't forget to vaseline up before the run!
Michelle M. $250.00 One foot in front of the other...........I know you can do it! Very proud!
Devon M. $100.00 This is from me and Indy, NOT Jesse. Good luck!
Christina M. $50.00 Good luck!
Anonymous $10.00
Rayna G. $30.00
Christopher H. $50.00 For the 5 micro-brews you would've had Saturday
Steven B. $300.00 Good luck. I know you can do it!
Emily M. $20.00
Heidi M. $50.00
Aurora K. $100.00 From Aurora and Andres
Pelino G. $100.00 Watermelons
Pelino G. $400.00 Make sure you don't miss the right hand turn
Melissa S. $50.00 Good luck!
John F. $30.00
MATT C. $50.00 Run Mike Run
Lawrence M. $200.00
Quincy Mutual F. $250.00
Matthew W. $150.00
amanda s. $30.00 I hope you trip
Anonymous $35.00 Good Luck!!!
Brian T. $50.00 Carb load!
Thomas L. $50.00
Emi A. $27.00 HBD Eve--$1/yr of life
DMSE S. $200.00
Joseph R. $50.00
Alexandra B. $50.00
Emily A. $50.00 HBD!
Anonymous $50.00 Happy birthday to the toughest mudder I've ever known <3
Anonymous $25.00
Kevin C. $50.00 Best of Luck Mike!!
Anonymous $50.00
Thomas L. $25.00 Eliot M. is one of the anonymous donors
Laurie S. $50.00 Good luck Mike!!! -Laurie and Robert
Timothy B. $100.00 Good Luck Mike
Meghan B. $20.00 Hit the gas(barro) and give it your all!!!! GOOD LUCK
JOHN S. $50.00
Kelsey L. $100.00
Judy L. $100.00 Go Mike!
Eileen C. $250.00
Alison L. $50.00 Don't say I never gave you nothin'
Anonymous $15.00
Sally G. $50.00 I'd pay twice that much to see you run in circles until you're dizzy
Ronald F. $25.00
Captain F. $30.00 Show me your moves!
Karen D. $10.00 Good Luck Mike!!
Kasey B. $50.00
Karen D. $100.00 Good Luck Mike....again!
Edouard F. $25.00
Cristina M. $20.00 Good luck!! Bob said he flew Domenica in for you, she'll be at the finish line!
Quincy Mutual Fire I. $50.00

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