Mark Fallon

Mark Fallon

The Red Sox and Running. Marathons and Fenway Park.

It doesn't get any better than this. Actually, with your help, it will be.

On Friday, September 15, 2017, I'm taking part in the inaugural Fenway Park Marathon. Along with my fellow participants, I'll be running 116 laps around the warning track. This is the first time a marathon has been run entirely within a Major League ballpark.

As part of the race, I've pledged to raise $5,500 for the Red Sox Foundation. The Foundation makes a difference in the lives of children, veterans, families and communities throughout New England. I especially appreciate their committment to assisting my fellow veterans through this program and the Run to Home Base program.

This is where you come in. Please consider supporting my goal and the Red Sox Foundation through a donation. Every dollar helps, so click on the "Donate" button today.

Thank you!

About Red Sox Foundation

The Red Sox Foundation, the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox. Our goal is to harness the passion our fans have for the Red Sox and transform it into a vehicle for positive exchange in our community.

Each year the Red Sox Foundation also makes a limited number of small grants to select nonprofits in New England on a rotating basis and we also work with Front Office members, sponsors and volunteers of Red Sox Nation on a variety of community service projects.

As a 501c3 nonprofit (tax ID #33-1007984), donations to the Red Sox Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donor Roll

Mark F. $100.00
Mark F. $200.00
Evan F. $40.00
Jane F. $50.00 Good luck!!!
Mary M. $50.00
Lori F. $100.00
Brian H. $50.00 Good Luck!
steve h. $10.00 Great event, great cause! Enjoy and God bless.
Michael F. $100.00 Mark, when you are finished, I expect you to slide into home plate! Enjoy yourself!
Danny h. $240.00 Mark--great job. My dad can't use a computer; he's a robot. So I made the donation. Run well and salute the flag as you pass it. D
Anonymous $250.00 Hey Mark - from your friends in Westford...
Lisa C. $75.00 A great cause for a run! I may just have to head to Fenway to cheer you on!
Stacey R. $25.00 Good luck Mark!
Albert T. $50.00
Ron I. $50.00
Derek A. $25.00 Just Imagine that you are a Nascar. All left turns!
Kris S. $50.00
Derrick M. $100.00 May the Lord keep you strong and you achieve your goals always. Pastor Derrick Miliner
Rhonda W. $50.00
patrick f. $10.00
Katherine V. $50.00
Barbara T. $50.00 Go Mark Go!
Laura B. $100.00 Good Luck Mark!!
Jeff F. $100.00 Good Luck!! no hills are a good thing unless you are snow sledding or down hill skiing
Maureen G. $25.00
Ellin A. $50.00 Will submit for matching gift.
Jerry F. $100.00
Brian B. $100.00 Mark, you continue to be an inspiration and a positive influence on all people around you. Best of luck on your race (we know you don't need it)!
john a. $25.00 Good Luck Mark!!
Michael B. $100.00 Great Things Are Done By A Series Of Small Things Brought Together! - Vincent Van Gogh Good Luck Mark (this does mean I'm a Sox fan, I still remember 2004 &13!)
Wendy A. $50.00
Dan K. $50.00 I didn't even know you could count to 112 - so impressive!
joe c. $100.00 Wonderful thing you're doing Mark. Will try to get matching funds. Joe C.
Brock B. $10.00 Great cause and Good Luck from an old friend
Jana B. $50.00
Daniel K. $15.00
Anonymous $50.00
Diane D. $25.00 Good Luck Mark!
Anne B. $50.00 Good luck and have a great time!
Gregory W. $250.00
Anonymous $50.00
Scott G. $25.00 Good Luck!
Michael S. $114.00 One Dollar per lap ... no dogging it ... pick up the pace ....
Leanne H. $25.00 What a great event and cause! Best of luck for a successful day!
Jeffrey J. $300.00 Enjoy running without hills my friend!
Helga L. $100.00 Good luck from Adam & Helga Lewenberg!
Thomas L. $30.00 Best of luck Mark! Great cause.
Debra V. $50.00 Good luck Mark!!
John S. $50.00 Good luck Mark
James D. $100.00
James W. $50.00 Good luck, Mark! That's a lot of laps around Fenway!
Katherine K. $25.00
Christopher C. $100.00 Good luck Uncle Mark! Love- Christopher, Ashley, and Logan
DST Systems I. $50.00
Bill L. $100.00
DIANE R. $100.00 Thank you for the opportunity. Lady Di
Theresa C. $116.00 Round and round and round he goes! Enjoy!
Craig S. $100.00
Judy D. $20.00
Richard A. $150.00 From your friends in Westborough. Not sure if this is a PR course, but we're confident you'll put down one heck of an effort! Can't wait to get the update when you're done.
Diana K. $20.00 So happy to sponsor! Go Mark! :)
James C. $100.00
Pamela C. $20.00 Good Luck Mark - Have an awesome run!
Greater Boston P. $100.00
Anonymous $100.00 Good luck, Mark!!
Andrea C. $50.00 Go get em tiger!!
Kimberly B. $25.00 You'll do great Mark. Just keep moving forward.
Dianna B. $25.00 So awesome you are doing this Mark! Good luck! I know you will do GREAT!!!!
Lori E. $20.00
David F. $100.00 Have a great race brother. Always giving to others. Looking forward to seeing you cross homeplate! David and Mary
Patrick R. $25.00
James B. $50.00
Karen B. $25.00 Uncle Mark, You are such an inspiration! I am so proud of you for taking part in this. Enjoy every minute of this run. I'll be thinking of you and looking forward to hearing all about it! Love, Karen
Kerry P. $125.00 A dollar a lap PLUS a couple of extra bucks for a beer at the BBW when you finish. Try not to get dizzy and pass out running in all those circles.
Dee K. $25.00 Good Luck Mark!!!
Lucie J. $26.20 Best of luck running 26.2!!!
Christo B. $50.00 Good Luck, Have an amazing run!!!!
Jared F. $50.00 So proud of you Uncle Mark! Can't wait to see you take off from the starting line!
John M. $50.00 Good Luck Mark!
Robin D. $50.00
Lisa M. $100.00 To support Mark Fallon - Go Mark!
Anonymous $100.00 Great job, Mark, at an incredible place!!
Stephen W. $50.00

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