Danny Shea

Danny Shea

As many of you know, just about 2 years ago I lost my dad to Alzheimer?s disease.His passing was a difficult time and left me with a large void that had consumed nearly a decade of my life. To fill this void and help my cope with emotions, I turned to running as an outlet. Running has given me more than I could have imagined. I have developed lifelong friendships and challenged myself to tackle new challenge that once I felt I could never achieve. It has lead me to be better mentally, physically and emotionally. It has also lead me to new adventures like this one. On September 15th, I am luckily to have been chosen to participate in the FIRST Fenway Marathon along with 49 other runners!!! I am so pumped.


My love of running, love of the Red Sox, and the chance to support The Red Sox Foundation lead me to apply. The chance to support many charitable efforts The Red Sox Foundation supports is an immense honor. In particular, their support of the Jimmy Fund hits close to home, having lost my mother to cancer in high school and seeing so many I know suffer through the disease. I am honored to participate in the event, I am asking you to help me to achieve my fundraising goal of $7,500!! Please click here to donate and please share this message.


Thanks to my wife, Lauren and kids, for the unwavering support through this and all my running escapades.


About Red Sox Foundation

The Red Sox Foundation, the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox. Our goal is to harness the passion our fans have for the Red Sox and transform it into a vehicle for positive exchange in our community.

Each year the Red Sox Foundation also makes a limited number of small grants to select nonprofits in New England on a rotating basis and we also work with Front Office members, sponsors and volunteers of Red Sox Nation on a variety of community service projects.

As a 501c3 nonprofit (tax ID #33-1007984), donations to the Red Sox Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donor Roll

Blake L. $100.00 We'll have to come cheer you on! Good luck!
Danny S. $200.00
Lisa R. $50.00
Caitlin B. $100.00 Good luck Danny!
David B. $50.00
Craig B. $50.00 Make it happen brotha! Proud you're representing this cause! Your pops will be proud. Awesome stuff.
Brian S. $100.00 Good luck Danny - hopefully this isn't the only meaningful event at Fenway this fall. --Brian and Chrissy
michael l. $50.00
Andrew W. $25.00 Good luck Bird!
Laura L. $18.00 From one runner to another, you GO!!
Angela O. $25.00
Emily R. $25.00 Go Danny Go!!!! #reddog
Liz G. $25.00
Jamie C. $25.00 Good luck Danny! I have great admiration for what you are doing.
Courtney F. $50.00
Jeff C. $25.00 Good luck Bird!!
AnnMarie P. $50.00
Margaret U. $30.00
Molly G. $10.00
Molly G. $15.00
Amy S. $50.00
Paul B. $50.00 Just 1 more lap
Sean W. $25.00
Susan R. $10.00
Adam L. $25.00 Good luck, buddy! Go get 'em!!!
Robert C. $50.00 Good Luck Buddy -- Cheers - The Croziers.
Caroline M. $50.00 Good Luck Danny!
Deborah S. $25.00 Keep up the good work Danny John & Debbie
David T. $100.00 Kick ass, Danny!
Patricia C. $50.00 Good luck Danny, so glad to see you're still running!
Jessica F. $50.00 Go Danny!!
Ro M. $50.00 Will he go round in circles! Run Danny Run! Thanks for all you do to help others. Love, Ro
Steven B. $100.00 Good luck, Danny!
Prashanth R. $100.00
Mike B. $100.00 May the wind be at your back!!
David P. $50.00 Good stuff Danny!
Brian A. $25.00 Metallica- Master of Puppets... have fun!
Kristin E. $50.00 You are gonna crush this!
David K. $25.00 Thanks for this important work buddy, enjoy the run!
Joseph S. $25.00
Sean F. $100.00
Diane M. $15.00
Maggie L. $50.00 You're awesome Danny! Thanks for all that you do for such a great cause!
Glen J. $50.00 Have a great race. Thanks for representing Alzheimer's!
Jason K. $50.00
Tim G. $50.00
Tarsha B. $100.00 Danny-Thank you for DesicTing so much time and effort to raise money and awareness about this and Alzheimer's. You're one special guy!!!! Your Mom, and Dad, must be so so proud. ??
Dawn B. $200.00 On behalf of ServiceChannel
Michelle E. $25.00 Danny, MAY RED DOG BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!
Colleen S. $100.00 Go Danny!! Hopefully Matt and I can come in to cheer you on!best of luck -Colleen and Matt
Cynthia R. $25.00 Good luck Danny! After much debate the Reens/Mcphersons decided on a song for you! Tubthumping by chumbawamba...be glad it was that or Barbie girl...kick butt!
Demetrios B. $100.00 Good Luck buddy!
Dawn D. $50.00 Good Luck from the Donohue's!
Patrick M. $100.00 Good luck Danny!
michael l. $50.00 Empty the tank!
Danny S. $100.00 From Bill and Mary Reen
Thomas K. $100.00
David R. $20.00
Mark S. $100.00 Good luck Bird!
Anonymous $100.00
PAUL W. $50.00
Robert and Michelle L. $50.00
Angela F. $50.00 Danny- So proud of you! Good luck and may the wind be at your back! -Angela
Geoff B. $10.00
Amy M. $26.20 Good luck and have fun! Pete & Amy
Albert R. $50.00 Go Danny! Xoxo Maura & Albert
Peter L. $25.00
Michael L. $75.00
Mary G. $250.00 Good luck!!
Ellen W. $100.00
Dave P. $25.00
Matthew H. $25.00 Good luck! My song is 4-15-13 Dropkick Murphys
James S. $100.00 Belmont Police Patrolman's Association
Kristine P. $50.00
Michael M. $50.00
Erin C. $25.00 Good luck , I know you'll do great!
Jill B. $25.00
Danny S. $150.00 pool and casey
Erica B. $25.00
Jaclyn C. $25.00 Go Danny! What an inspiration you are!
Anonymous $350.00 We are so proud of you for doing this Danny!
Corinne M. $50.00 Yet another amazing milestone in your journey! Go Danny!
Paula C. $50.00
Kate I. $100.00
Corey L. $20.00
Thomas D. $50.00 Good Luck Danny!!!
Rick M. $25.00 Good Luck Danny!!
John S. $25.00 Good Luck!
Brian C. $50.00 Good Luck Danny!!
Greg D. $100.00 GO GET 'EM, MR. SHEA!
Kristy P. $20.00
david m. $25.00 Danny being Danny... Good luck!
Michael R. $50.00 Run like the wind!
Meredith C. $50.00 Good Luck Danny!
MaryAnn O. $100.00 way to go buddy!!
Leigh R. $25.00 Run Danny!! RUN!!! xx
Tiffany M. $26.20
Tim K. $50.00
Christopher P. $250.00
John L. $25.00 Good Luck Danny! Start slow and taper off! Stay hydrated!
Meghan D. $50.00 Good Luck Danny! You are going to crush it!!
Anonymous $50.00 Best of luck Danny!
Liz G. $50.00
Angela S. $50.00 Way to go Bird! Get it done! - Ang & Jeff
Elizabeth H. $50.00
Elaine F. $10.00 Danny, Congratulations for all your efforts in fighting this disease. Have fun! Elaine & Jack Forrest
Elaine F. $20.00
Chris S. $150.00 We are so proud of everything you've done to raise awareness and money for this cause. Dad would be too! Love, Chris, Kirsten, and Caitlin
Thomas F. $100.00

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