Casey Snyder

Casey Snyder

Thank you for taking the time to check out this page. Any and all donations are super appreciated. I have decided for each contribution more than $50, I will run the Fenway Marathon in honor of anyone chosen by the donor.

I look forward to the opportunity to run for the foundation as well as celebrate the life of whomever you choose, as the donor. Please write the name of the person or non-profit in the notes section after you contribute.

Thank you! God bless

About Red Sox Foundation

The Red Sox Foundation, the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox. Our goal is to harness the passion our fans have for the Red Sox and transform it into a vehicle for positive exchange in our community.

Each year the Red Sox Foundation also makes a limited number of small grants to select nonprofits in New England on a rotating basis and we also work with Front Office members, sponsors and volunteers of Red Sox Nation on a variety of community service projects.

As a 501c3 nonprofit (tax ID #33-1007984), donations to the Red Sox Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donor Roll

Casey S. $200.00
Violeta O. $20.00
Marquez C. $50.00 For Isaiah Bolden in the hospital battling Sickle Cell Anemia.
Paul W. $100.00
casey S. $400.00 Pio Oliverio for Lucino B. Oliverio, Matthew Cruz for Santos Jose Cruz, Patricia A. Williams for Emmanuel W. Williams, Jan Hurwitz for Philip J. Hurwitz, Jr., Susan Becker for Donald & Alice Moore, Mark Flint for Vicky Baker, Anna Lazar for Helen Yufit, Maryann Sieb for Joe Sieb, Melanie Gibbons for David Fiore, Peter Bondarenko for Ophan Children Ryan Dufort for Jolene Dufort, Sarah Geving for Jean F. Jenkins
Anonymous $300.00 For James Adlam Sr. and Yvonne Adlam
Aaron B. $100.00 #CCC
John R. $50.00 Go Yankees!!!
Christopher R. $50.00 Grace Bertolet Alzheimer's Association
Megan M. $50.00 Go Casey!!!
Regan P. $50.00
Anwar M. $250.00 Janet Reaves
Anonymous $25.00 Please recognize my grandmother Viola McAden
Fabian B. $50.00 Watching you complete this marathon is a testament to you determination. This donation is memory of our cousin Mr. David Dean, always remembered never forgotten.
Orin S. $150.00
Cesare A. $50.00 In memory of my mother Carolina Arici
Kelly W. $50.00 In Honor of our beloved Sarah Marie Kane and Peter Horwood Wilson. May they both Rest In Peace. Thank you Casey.
Ashley M. $30.00
Kevin O. $50.00 The O'Connor Family redsox nation
Christopher and Amanda B. $50.00
Casey S. $525.00 Fadi Cherfane and Elite Auto Service Team for Robert Cherfane, Jessica Howard for Anthony Dorrego, and Arthur Carr for Ronald Braxton, Buck Howard, James Howard, Tommie Jones, and Griffin Robinson.
Amy L. $50.00 Donating in honor of Francis Harrigan and Morris Glass
Dawnette L. $40.00 This donation is for Debbie Carden.
Natalia Z. $50.00 Kazimierz Wojtowicz
Kevin H. $100.00 In honor of all of the family members that Kevin is unable to meet, including Nancy, Jackie and Jack Cousins
Nadine W. $100.00 God bless you Casey! Please run in honor of my dad Kenol Loiseau who passed away September 8, 2011.
Paul C. $100.00 For Deb Duethorn From Paul Beth and Hannah Cousins
Christopher C. $100.00 In memory of Andrew Cicchini.
Wilfredo B. $10.00
Andrew S. $100.00 In honor of: Jessie Szocki
Alisa O. $50.00 Donated in honor of my brother in law Thomas Reavis. Passed away 2007 from cancer. He was a huge baseball fan too!
Wilfredo B. $40.00 In memory of Mercedita Cabal.
Joe D. $100.00
Peter E. $100.00 In honor of Patricia Lynn Ennis, my sister who showed the world in her short 15 years that champions always strive to win but sometimes lose a battle and Earl Haines, the first man my wife, Debbie loved with all her heart.
Anonymous $100.00 This donation is to the memorries of all the 9/11 victims and the blessings to their families!!!!!
Anonymous $50.00 In memory of Natalee Brooklynn Dunn
Linda K. $50.00 Remembering our wonderful Mom, Louise Fachko
Team R. $150.00 Thank you for being a blessing to us all.
Anonymous $100.00 In memory of September 11th, 2001 victim and friend Mr. James Patrick Berger AON President, NY Mr.Ramon and Conchita Lopez. Nicaragua.
Max K. $100.00
michael m. $50.00
Candice C. $50.00 Bob schonewolf sr and bob schonewolf jr would like to donate in memory of Devin schonewolf
Nathaniel N. $100.00 DONT TRIP!
Patricia F. $50.00
Debra W. $100.00 In memory of Penny Ohrenberger & Sally Gentry
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $10.00 Go Casey go!!!!! Love you Kelli!! Miss you everyday.
Brittani Z. $90.00 Go Casey go! again!
Brad K. $50.00 Please run for my Grandpa Arden Kish Thanks Bro!
Rhonda A. $50.00 Congratulations Casey for making a huge difference in the lives of others!
Mary C. $50.00

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