Blaise Aguirre

Blaise Aguirre

Hello my dear friends.

In a time of increasing divide between those who have and those who don't, this crazy marathon is a wonderful way to raise money for a number of worthy causes.

So am I crazy for doing this? I have a history of running around in circles. See for instance my run with Oprah!

Please support me in this worthy cause and join me at Fanway Park on September 15!

Love and Peace


About Red Sox Foundation

The Red Sox Foundation, the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox. Our goal is to harness the passion our fans have for the Red Sox and transform it into a vehicle for positive exchange in our community.

Each year the Red Sox Foundation also makes a limited number of small grants to select nonprofits in New England on a rotating basis and we also work with Front Office members, sponsors and volunteers of Red Sox Nation on a variety of community service projects.

As a 501c3 nonprofit (tax ID #33-1007984), donations to the Red Sox Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donor Roll

Blaise A. $200.00
Leslie L. $250.00
Penn & Athena E. $150.00
Brian & Bonnie W. $200.00 crazy good!!
Anonymous $500.00
Michelle G. $500.00 Please list donation to Blaise Aguirre's fundraising efforts made by: Team Groe (not Michelle Groe)
Stephen D. $250.00 I look forward to hearing how you did in the marathon. Have a great summer. Go Irish.
Marilyn O. $200.00 Go Burro!
Bart F. $200.00 Go Blaise! You are the super burro! how many homers Is that?
Brittany E. $10.00
Josh B. $112.00 Go Blaise go! $1 for each lap ;)
Warren K. $200.00 You are the Manny Ramirez of running!
Andrew G. $118.00
Virginia R. $25.00
Catherine G. $100.00
Christine M. $112.00 Run Blaise Run!
Colin M. $200.00 Good luck Blaise!
Richard F. $100.00 run like the wind Blaise
Eric B. $200.00
David R. $500.00
Larry B. $100.00
John E. $200.00
Your Cause, LLC T. $250.00
Lindsay L. $250.00 What a great cause. Go Blaise!
Jan S. $50.00 Blaise, Godspeed during your Fenway Marathon. Wish I could be there to cheer you on.
Tim L. $200.00 Good luck!
Peter K. $200.00 Good luck!!!
Frank & Marcia G. $100.00 Go Blaise!
Joe & Tara C. $100.00 Great opportunity to practice mindfulness. Be one with the Circle
Joanne B. $262.00

Fundraiser Goal

Currently Raised